Bamboolife Product

Bamboo Life is the brand of Bamboo Charcoal made in NZ with bamboos grown in NZ. (These products are not suitable for exporting to out of New Zealand.)

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Bamboo Charcoal Stick (200g) $25

This is the most versatile product. You can use this for purifying water, healing, dehumidification, deodorant or more. It is the most general type of our charcoal. Good for a gift to your friends as well.

Charcoal Offcut Pieces (300g) $25

This off-cut pieces is lower price than sticks. It is good for gardening, deodorizing, dehumidification, etc.

Stick for Drink Bottle (10 sticks) $15

Put one or two pieces in your drink bottle. It will make the taste of water good. If your water contains chlorine, you don’t have to worry any more.

Bamboo Charcoal Vinegar (250ml) $40

This is distilled charcoal vinegar. There is no harm to drink this but it’s not a medicine.If you take a tea spoon of this vinegar, it will help your health recovery. It is not actual vinegar. Not suitable for cooking. You can read about charcoal vinegar in detail in the article at category “Charcoal”.