Usage of Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo Charcoal Its magic power

Here are examples of bamboo charcoal usage but only for example. You can experience by yourself and find its magic power. Bamboo charcoal has amazing power but most of them are not explained scientifically. However you will be surprised it actually works. If you had wonderful experience, please let us know. Let’s share our experiences.

Keep food fresh and longer

In Japan, bamboo shoot skin was traditionally used for wrapping rice balls. From that property bamboo charcoal can keep food fresh. If you put charcoal pieces with food, it makes the food last longer.




Purifying water

This is the most popular usage of bamboo charcoal in Japan. Put some pieces in your water jar or drink bottle. It will reduce any chemical material (like chlorine) and make the taste of water good. Some minerals are also released into the water.




Deodorant and dehumidification

This is another popular usage of bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal has function to reduce humidity and smell. Put some pieces (the amount depends on the case) at place you would like to improve. It is also depending on the case how long you can use the charcoal.



For Cooking

Bamboo charcoal is used for cooking as well. If you put one piece of bamboo charcoal in a rice cooker, it will make your rice softer and taste better. How about putting one piece in your deep fry pot? You will find the fry crispy.





Bamboo Charcoal Vinegar

Bamboo charcoal vinegar is not actual vinegar but it is liquid produce in the process of making charcoal. It is made by cooling the smoke from the kiln. It can be used for plants, animals and humans as well. It makes everything healthy. Its magic water. We have more information “here“.



Plant and animal care

Some Japanese farms are using charcoal to animals. If you mix it in their food, it will make your animal healthier and the taste of the meet will be better. If you mix it in the soil, it enhance the soil activity. The plants get healthier, too. Bamboo charcoal vinegar can be sprayed on the plant which evade insects and make the plant healthier.



Health recovery & healing

This will be the most benificial usage of bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal has healing power. If you place a charcoal piece on your body, that will give you healed feeling. Actually it helps you to recover your health. In Japan some houses lay charcoal underneath the floor. It will ease you and make you sleep well. Charcoal has detoxification function and is good for insect bite, snake bite, food poison, etc. If you are interested, we can give you some instructions to apply charcoal and charcoal vinegar.