Bamboo Charcoal

We are producing bamboo charcoal made in New Zealand with bamboos grown in New Zealand.

Bamboo charcoal is very popular in Japan. It is different from wooden charcoal. Wooden charcoal is mainly used as fuel but bamboo charcoal is used more for health purposes. New bamboo shoot grows about one meter per night. It has strong vital power. We (Japanese) traditionally used bamboo shoot skin for wrapping food to keep it longer. If you put some pieces of bamboo charcoal with food, you may find it lasting long. Charcoal (wooden or bamboo) is known with its detoxification function but bamboo charcoal has more power for controlling health. Bamboo charcoal is very versatile. Please see its usage on the page of Usage of Bamboo Charcoal.

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Information about Bamboo Charcoal (A4 PDF 870KB)

Charcoal Therapy section in the book “Home Remedy” by Dr. Thrash (PDF file 10.3MB)