About Us


We, Seiji Kubo & Kazuyo Kubo immigrated from Japan to New Zealand in 1991. We lived in Christchurch first and started with importing business. We had a shop “Tokyo Express” selling Japanese goods and food. We opened Japanese food bar called ‘The Rice Box” and kicked off the sushi boom in the South Island.

We lived in Christchurch for more than 10 years and shifted to Oamaru for Seiji’s business supporting  Japanese company to establish “Health & Science Postgraduate School” with the former girls college called the Teshemakers. Unfortunately the project was teminated by accident and we started a B&B called “Homestead271”.

In 2010 we shifted from Oamaru to Nelson/Tasman area and built this house to start a B&B again. This area was good for making bamboo charcoal, too. Seiji learnt bamboo charcoal in Japan with the most famous bamboo charcoal maker, Megumi Niino for one year. However Oamaru was too cold to get good bamboos. Abel Tasman and Golden Bay are wonderful place to get good bamboos and this was one of the reasons why we decided to shift here.

Now we are operating this B&B with Japanese cuisine and bamboo charcoal. We hope many people visit our B&B and get healthier with Japanese food and bamboo charcoal.