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About Bamboo Charcoal Vinegar

Bamboo charcoal vinegar is not actual vinegar but it is liquid produced in the process of making charcoal. It is made by cooling the smoke in the chimney.

Original liquid is blacky and tarry. We have distilled charcoal vinegar as well which is clear colour. The original liquid is good to use for plants or animal care. If you spray it diluted with water (about 30-50 times), it evades insects and make the plants healthier. You can mix it into the water animals drink.

For humans application, we use the distilled one. We do not take any medicine but when we have something wrong with our health, we take a little (one tea spoon) charcoal vinegar. It helps to cure. We mix it in the bath water which makes your body water and you get good blood circulation. When we have insects bite, a cut or wound, we apply on it. I have hay fever. When I have itchy eyes, I spray charcoal vinegar into the eyes but please be careful. You’d better dilute it more than ten times with water otherwise it’s very sore.

Bamboo charcoal vinegar is very strong acid about pH3 but it is interesting that it works on bee-sting as well.

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